Thank you for stumbling upon this part of our site dedicated to all things good and bad about being tops in our field.

Here at Aristocrat…we don’t think of ourselves as yet another “flooring store”. We are a full service fashion house, dedicated to making your home as great…. as you will let us.

Staff here at Aristocrat have come to name my lively debates on design, home décor trends and all things bad and beautiful (including clients) as “Rhoda’s Rants”.   In no way are they with any cruel intention (referring to the later) but rather an opportunity to put the record…well…straight…or at least , how I see it.  Enjoy……..


Although most of our time is spent renovating your homes, we’ve been busy renovating ours !! Of course our reno started just like yours.  You start with a paint colour and the next thing you know you are tearing down walls and pulling out floors.  In our “builders” area, we decided to prove a point […]

60 Years in Business!!

As much as this area is used for my Rants…Ive decided today to do a little horn blowing. Matt and I recently met with “our Home Magazine” to go over some advertising details.  This is a bit of a big deal for us because this business has been built on word of mouth and not […]

I did… Re-discover brick

I’ve been known to do the occasional reno when my husband is out of town for a few days.   It’s not that he isn’t helpful…he just doesn’t like change…when’s he’s involved.   Recently I was given a 10 day window to do absolutely nothing but hold the remote in my hand but noooooooo….i couldn’t resist a […]

Beating the Winter Blahs

Local pros Matt Pickett the owner & Rhoda Cipparone the Principal Design and Showroom Manager Aristocrat Floors of the World, in St. Catharines share how they make winter a wonder.

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Now that’s a full body!

It’s a regular occurrence to be asked if I’m showing a full body porcelain when making a selection. I will often ask a client what they mean so I can get a sense of what they know. Most people assume that all porcelain is full bodied.  I hear “I need the tile that when it […]

Rhoda’s Rant: A stone by any other name…

A stone by any other name…. Today a sales rep came in with a few pieces of polished Italian travertine with a gorgeous vein cut.  The reason he came in was to show us the variation in the stone.  This happened because we had placed 2 orders for clients and when the current lot came […]

We Say So Long

It is ironic that as we celebrate this our 60th year, we say goodbye to the man that made this business the great success it is. Steve Gaida was our friend, mentor and visionary. He was hip before his time.  With his strong sense of style and his belief in customer service he put interior […]

Grey Anatomy

I just finished up with an early morning appointment on this, a dull dismal rainy grey day… and it occurred to me that I’m really not a fan of grey. Well not all grey ….just that dull dismal rainy grey day, gray.  That made me ponder about all of those clients in the last five […]

Engineered wood is not laminate!

Ok folks…I’m sure this has been a rant of past but in my day to day selections with new home builders the same comment comes up “I don’t want engineered floors because I don’t like laminate”.   WHAT??  I know part of our job is to educate, so in this spirit here it goes….again. Solid hardwood […]


The funny thing about the holidays is that it comes at the same time every year and somehow we feel that it just snuck up on us. All of a sudden we realize the house will be decorated in all its Christmas finery and still the bathroom is need of a renovation. Come on folks…. […]

Rhoda’s Rant: Herringbone Pattern

Something’s fishy!! The herringbone pattern has been making a large appearance in renovation shows and décor magazines. Some of these products can run hundreds of dollars but you can also achieve the look without much cost. The resemblance of a fish skeleton (herringbone) has been used for hundreds of years…think old world pavers laid on […]

To Wood or Not to Wood. That is the Question.

Kitchens are typically the center of the action in a home, so they require a durable flooring surface that can withstand heavy use. Many are surprised to hear that hardwood in a kitchen can work. Yes, you can use hardwood flooring in a kitchen! I get asked all the time, “would you use wood in […]

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